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Medication Options

We connect members to a therapist specialized in substance use disorder treatment. Therapy helps members manage thoughts about alcohol, build healthier habits, and improve their overall mental health.

Specialized Therapy

FDA-approved medication is an underutilized tool in the treatment of AUD. We connect members to a physician to discuss if medication is appropriate for them, and pending a prescription, medication is delivered to their door.

Therapist Moderated Groups

Our therapist-moderated support groups provide peer support, expert guidance, and confidential accountability. Members can choose to join on or off camera, and will never be called on to share.

24/7 Anonymous Forum

Community is a key component of online alcohol treatment, and our forum makes it easy for members to connect with others navigating sobriety or moderation. Members can share updates, ask questions, and learn from others’ experiences.

The gold standard in alcohol treatment

Monument's holistic telemedicine platform has made the leading evidence-based practices for alcohol use disorder treatment more accessible than ever. We connect members to confidential, effective, and affordable virtual care, because life shouldn't have to stop for meaningful progress.


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The scale and impact of unhealthy alcohol use in the US, and how Monument is improving access to treatment by meeting patients where they are
The latest research supporting evidence-based treatment modalities to achieve abstinence and non-abstinence-related goals
Monument's industry-leading member initiation and engagement metrics, evaluated relative to HEDIS measures
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